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Community Partners

A little about who our community partners:

More than Lupus | on the web

The More Than Lupus Foundation is a not-for-profit organization formed by Kelli Roseta.

The mission of the More Than Lupus Foundation is to provide programs and support for those living with lupus, advocate for their needs, and collaborate with other lupus organizations to strive toward improving quality of life, and ultimately finding a cure.

The vision of the More Than Lupus Foundation is clear, to bring awareness in a world where many still do not know what lupus is, nor take it seriously, and allow lupus to finally be recognized and supported by the public and government.   Additionally, to provide desperately needed services to those living with lupus, so that no person feels like he or she is fighting alone.

Lupus Howse Foundation

Building Awareness One Brick at a Time by providing resources, support, and access to a healthier lifestyle. Bring awareness by making sexy, healthy and beautiful living accessible to ALL... Support businesses, healthcare providers and people with chronic autoimmune diseases.

American Living Organ Donor Fund | on the web

The American Living Organ Donor Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to serving living organ donors.  We fully believe that helping living organ donors will make more donations possible, but our goal is to serve donors — to fill their needs, support their rights, and protect their interests. If doing so increases the number of donations, all the better, but increasing the number of transplants is not our top priority — living organ donors are.

The American Living Organ Donor Fund is dedicated to helping American living organ donors. We neither encourage nor discourage donation — we work with donors to help them make the most informed decision possible, and if they decide to donate, we work to make their donation experience as medically and financially safe as possible.

International Support Fibromyalgia Network | on the web

We’re a non-profit movement dedicated to fibromyalgia education, awareness and providing inspiration for the fibromyalgia community. The International Support Fibromyalgia Network believes everyone deserves positive healthcare experiences and with the help of our leadership team members across the country we’re reshaping the landscape of healthcare education and expanding local resources.

Looms for Lupus | on the web

Looms for Lupus is a non-profit corporation providing resources and awareness to minority families and those affected by Lupus.  The program will form partnerships with similar agencies and patient care facilities.  By providing face to face interaction, through creating friendships and close relationships with others living with Lupus, our aim is to create an environment to reassert a sense of hope during their time of illness and to empower the individual to take charge of their life through a chronic and often life threatening illness.

We Win Foundation | on the web

The “WE WIN” foundation was founded in 2013 by the Arnold Girlz (Actress/ Singer Tichina Arnold and her Sister/ Manager and Lupus Survivor Zenay Arnold). It was formed to help individuals, as well as the families and caregivers who support those suffering with the "Cruel Mystery" (Lupus) and other related autoimmune diseases.